2024 Internal Tournament Finals

A look back at the finals of the 2024 internal tournament, with another victory for Carine in the women's and Jean in the men's category.

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2023 Internal Tournament Finals


A superb Sunday of sunny finals at TCP to close the internal tournament. Congratulations to Antoine (men's winner) and Alexis (finalist), to Pascaline (women's winner) and Carine (finalist), to Adrien, Géraldine (consolation winners), Edouard and Christine (consoling finalists).

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News from the summer to the TCP


This summer, the doubles resume every Thursday night for the members of the club: pizza / rosé / barbec / good mood!

There will also be the club tournament that starts on August 21st, it will be a direct elimination format with catch-up for the losers of the 1st round in the 4th series! We are waiting for you many and wish you a beautiful summer!

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2020 internal tournament finals

A look back at the finals of the 2020 internal tournament:

Ladies: Karine Audic defeated Cécile Lemerle 6/1 6/1

Gentlemen: Jean Gandonou defeated Antoine Barraud 3/6 7/5 6/4

Consoling Ladies: Justine Bernasconi defeated Isabelle Huguenot 6/3 6/2

Consoling Gentlemen: Philippe Lagrange defeated Guillaume Gascou 5/7 6/3 1/0

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The TCP in Marrakech

Small photo album memorabilia memories of a beautiful Moroccan weekend with the #TeamTCP

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2019 internal Tournament Finals

C44246C1-F757-4DF6-964C-ECB3845FA16C 2C935C87-182A-44F3-BC8D-908F5452CBCC Internal return on the finals of the tournament:
Ladies: Carine Marx d. Carter Brown
Gentlemen: Antoine Barraud d. Gilles Barachant
Consoling: Carolina Beck d. Amelia Brémond / Antoine Caneva d. Mason software

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The 2018 Tournament Finals

Back on the 2018 Tournament Finals, a big congratulations to the winners and finalists. A thought for Erell, who left the club after 6 great years in sports, and winning the trophy! Next year!

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A beautiful weekend of Davis Cup in Genoa

The TCP was in Genoa to support the winners blues of Italy in 1/4 finals of the Davis Cup, pictures of a wonderful weekend with Nicolas Mahut and Arnaud Clément.

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Internal 2018 Tournament Finals

Back on the internal 2018 Tournament Finals, congratulations to the winners and finalists:

Ladies: Erell Ravel beat Karine Marx 6/2 7/6

Gentlemen: Jean Gandonou beats Nicolas Clotilde 6/3 6/1

Consoling ladies: Isabelle Huguenot beats Justine Bennett 7/5 5/7 1/0

Consoling gentlemen Bruno Bonet bat Pierre - François Ducat 7/5 4/6-1/0

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Remember a weekend snow in the TCP

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